Nothing new today, other than finding threads leaks in the standalone version of Axis2-1.3 . It doesn’t bother me, luckily it “seems” to work ok behing Tomcat.

The WS-* stack is getting to be so ridiculous that I wonder if anybody gets it right. Even the WSDL contains a ton of seemingly unnecessary entities. Conceptualy a WSDL ought to be whatever the old Pascal unit interface section used to be. It’s not. A “echo.wsdl” containing

function echo ( s: string) : string

or the less elegant

class Blah {
static string echo(string s)

in WSDL it doesn’t fit in one computer screen. Well, all the unnecessary entities buy you a ton of unnecessary flexibility. Oh well, next week we’ll be invoking Soap server from JavaScript. The same patterns in software engineering eternally reocuring.

My golf swing took an unexpected turn for the better, while yesterday I was ready to give up. From the first ball hit on the driving range, the hit was flush and landed nicely next to the target. Yesterday I could barely hit the ball. Go figure.


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